MINIsOnTop Mailing List

As you hopefully know, we maintain a mailing list at MINIsOnTop, used rarely for announcements (such as registration open, major sponsors, the final charity funds raised).
This mailing list is OPT-IN ONLY, and requires confirmation via a link sent to the subscribing email address; additionally messages can only be sent via a password protected web page (not via re-distributing received emails) – as such, it is not possible for spammers to sign you up, or send spam to you via the mailing list.

Recently we moved the MINIsOnTop website to new hosting, and switched to a different mailing list server (Dada Mail) – you can now subscribe/un-subscribe easily.
Please remember to subscribe your new address and un-subscribe your old address, when you switch email services.

We are receiving a number of reports from, saying “reason: 553 5.3.0 flpi194 – m671X3mP027569, DNSBL:521< >_is_blocked” – it appears that these are from customers with email addresses that are/were part of AT&T and perhaps are no longer valid, domains like, … all these email addresses have been removed!

To minimize headaches and reduce the chance of being blamed for spam, we will remove all problem email addresses – please be sure you are subscribed with your current email address, if you wish to receive announcements (you can always re-subscribe to the mailing list, you’ll get an “already subscribed” email if you’re in the list, or a “confirm subscription” email if you are not.
Also, if you use any sort of “challenge” service, be sure that is allowed, or you will not receive any announcements!

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