MINIsOnTop commemorative clock

Do you fancy something almost unique, that also contributes to fund-rasing for the MINIsOnTop charity – then how about a MINIsOnTop “five years” clock:

This clock, designed and offered for sale by TwistyBitz, commemorates the five years of MINIsOnTop, and includes a “top of Mount Washington” image in the center – although you can custom order the clock with your own picture instead.
You can pre-order your clock from TwistyBitz for $43.50+shipping – $10 from the sale of each clock sold will go to the MINIsOnTop charity which this year is Rosie’s Place.

Also available is a MINIsOnTop commemorative “participation plaque” with spaces to put “year stickers” for years you’ve attended.

IMPORTANT: These products are custom and require a minimum level of orders – if the minimum order level is not reached, TwistyBitz will be unable to supply the clocks, and you will not be charged; but if enough people are interested, we’ll have a minimum $250 donation for Rosie’s Place.

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