Update: Yankee Candle & Area 51 Caravan to MOT 2007

The brand-spankin’ new YC/A51 Caravan website and the companion MINI2 YC/A51 Caravan Sign-Up Thread have just been released!

The YC/A51 Caravan website has been redesigned and offers detail information about the Caravan, meeting points, route maps & directions, and a “News” page that is updated with late-breaking, event-related developments. A list of event contacts can also be found on the website.

If you are interested in participating in this traditional MOT “feeder event”, head on over to the MINI2 YC/A51 Caravan Sign-Up Thread. Post your intention of participating and let the organizers know how many folks you will be bringing and at which meeting point (Yankee Candle or Area 51) you will join the Caravan.

Let’s Motor!

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