Caravan from Western NY to Yankee Candle

Pamlico is organizing a mini-MINI Caravan from western New York to South Deerfield, MA to join up with the Yankee Candle Caravan to the White Mountains.

He writes: “There are a few hearty souls from this god-forsaken region that will be attending the 2007 edition of MOT. Plus there some even heartier souls from even further West that seem to planning on heading there as well.

Might be fun to gather as a mini-caravan and go en petite masse to South Deerfield, MA, on Thursday, 14 June. Next morning join up with Theo’s YC caravan.

A good place to meet for this is in Bushnell’s Basin, a hamlet located just off the NY State Thruway. Specifically, at the Oven Door Bakery whose owner conveniently has a MINI.”

You can get additional information and sign-up for the caravan by visiting this MINI2 thread.

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