The Great Ice Cream Run

If your pre-MOT schedule allows a unique merging of motoring events, may we suggest participating in The Great Ice Cream Run (June 9-15), followed by the Bar Harbor Invasion, and then the dash to MINIs On Top (June 16)!
Paraphrasing Robyn’s post on MINI2:

“Join us for The GREAT Ice Cream Run, a MINI event dedicated to owners who just can’t get enough… you guessed it… ice cream! The dates: 6/9/07 – 6/15/07 The place: Sanford, FL to Bar Harbor, ME Registration is now OPEN. Deadline for registering is March 30, 2007. You can download your registration form HERE.

We’ll travel from Sanford, FL to Bar Harbor, ME over the course of 7 days. Along the way we’ll hit as many ice cream shops as your stomach can handle, plus a few other interesting stops to be announced later. And as if that wasn’t enough, how about capping off the trip with MINIs on Top!

We’ll arrive in Bar Harbor the day before MOT 2007 so there will be plenty of time to make the drive over to NH for Friday/Saturday’s MOT festivities. For those in the northeast, consider taking Amtrak’s auto train from Lorton, VA down to Sanford, FL. The cost of the train works out to be a pretty good deal compared to the cost of hotel rooms and gas if you opted to drive down. Amtrak reservations are up to each participant. We will be working with Amtrak to get a group rate, so check the website to see the latest info. The run will be similar to MTTS. For each leg, registered participants will receive route sheets for a quick and easy interstate highway route, as well as a more back road (and hopefully more scenic) “alternate” route. Choose the route you prefer and travel at your own pace. Go in a group or go alone. The choice is entirely yours. And what could be better than a 7 day trek to stuff yourself full of ice cream? How about raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation too? Get your friends/family/co-workers to sponsor you on a per mile basis (or just with a flat donation amount). After the run, all the money will tallied, and divided up among the Make a Wish chapters in each of the states represented by the participants. Participation in this portion is entirely optional of course, but we hope you’ll consider helping out.

Due to the size and complexity of this event, official registration is required. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of ID badges, mailing out registration packets, and a few planned surprises, etc. Event T-shirts, decals, etc. are available for ordering at the time of registration as well. All forms must be received by March 30, 2007. This deadline gives us time to get shirts ordered, route sheets printed and packets mailed out to everyone before the run.

Note: Registration for MINIs on Top is entirely separate and it is your responsibility to make sure you are registered for both events. To stay up to date with all the latest info about ice cream shops, hotels, campgrounds, the route, the charity drive, etc., be sure to check out the event website: The Great Ice Cream Run Your “Cruise Directors” for this trip are:

Jerseygirl – route planning/website admin/Amtrak contact/treasurer
Bootsi – hotel/campground coordinator/special event coordinator
Htrout13 – charity coordinator/door prize coordinator/local dealership contact

Promo Video HERE

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