Bar Harbor Invasion

In 2006 we had 16 MINIs join us in Bar Harbor for 3 days of motoring in preparation for MINIs on Top!

Join us for a pre-MOT meetup in Bar Harbor, ME that will begin on Wednesday, June 13th and finish on Saturday, June 16th ending at MINIs on Top.

You are free to arrive any time during the event. If you have the time, plan to spend a few days in Bar Harbor because there is a lot to do and you’ll be well rested for Saturday’s big day at MINIs on Top!

When: Arrive Wednesday, 6/13 ending on Saturday, 6/16 with a sunrise gathering at the top of Cadillac Mountain and ending with a group drive from Bar Harbor, ME to Mt. Washington, NH for MINIs on Top!

Cost: $25 registration fee per car (Registration will open in early 2007). Cost includes a rally cling for your MINI.
You are on your own for hotel costs & food/beverages, gas, etc. Additional hotel and group dinner information will be forthcoming.

Each driver will receive a complete agenda once they arrive in Bar Harbor.

Visit Bar Harbor Invasion for more information

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