What’s MINIsOnTop?

In the dark days of winter (February 2003) Lord Winslow, the creator, spoke on MINI2 (an active MINI forum on the web):

He said I was thinking how fun would it be to do a Mini Trek to Mt. Washington. To get a group of Mini’s together to drive up to the top of the Mountain. Make a day of it, drive up to the top, and then have lunch near by”.
Quickly Cape Cod Mini, the organizer, found the great words and supported them, saying Excellent idea.

And so it began!

The MINI2 web forum has a USA regional sections which encourages enthusiastic MINI owners to gather together. The post by Lord Winslow created more and more enthusiasm and plans were made:

  • MINIs would gather at the start of the Kancamagus Highway for a morning drive
  • There would be a lunch stop
  • In the evening everyone gathers at the base of Mount Washington
  • The day ends with a drive up the mountain, and sunset

The power of MINI2 and the web encouraged volunteering:

On the great day (June 21, 2003), more than 70 MINIs (with owners, family, friends) gathered together in New Hampshire and enjoyed a most spectacular day! We were blessed with clear blue skies and warm sunny weather, and a most amazing sunset at the end of the day.
Loon Mountain graciously allowed us to gather in the parking area, before the day began with the drive along the Kancamagus Highway. After lunch, MINIs dispersed to occupy the afternoon with individual or small group activities.
In the early evening, everyone gathered at the base of the Mount Washingon Autoroad where a BBQ meal was provided. There were various speeches, thanks and prize giving before the MINIs lined up and ascended the mountain in convoy.
As the cool night rolled in, we all watched the sunset before heading down the mountain. Some people stayed together to enjoy live music through the night.
The “tradition” of MINIs On Top will continue – already the road has been booked for June 19, 2004. There is already much planning and discussion on the MINI2 web forum. Join us and make MOT 2004 even more spectacular! The only requirement is that you own a MINI and have enthusiasm for your car and for gathering with other MINI owners.

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